Independent Medical Opinion

The Independent Medical Opinion (IMO) is accomplished by a thorough review of the pertinent medical records that you provide to me. Once the records are properly read and reviewed, I then consider, report and record in a document for your use any science that may help us connect the events in the records to you claim for a service connected disability.

DIsability Benefits Questionnaires

The Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ) is a required document for any claim these days. The document is a standardized form that is available to scan into your VA claim or appeal records once completed by a health care professional. 

The DBQ that is completed by a civilian (non-VA) health care professional often carries significant weight when compared to that provided by the VA examiner. This is often a matter of credentials when the VA examiner may not be experienced or credentialed to the degree necessary to provide you with an accurate assessment of your disabling conditions. 

You can see a list of DBQs by Form Name here 

or you can view a list by symptom here 

One thing is certain, you will have a DBQ's your choice who completes it for you.

Review of Service Medical and Other Active Duty Records

A review of available records may allow you to determine whether or not you should file for certain conditions. I can compare and contrast the records you provide me with the requirements to obtain VA disability ratings for service connected conditions as presented in the Schedule For Rating Disabilities. This may help you and your advocate to determine a strategy to proceed for an appeal or whether you should search for more evidence.